We Care

Women have important decisions to make when they think they could be pregnant. Some feel alone, scared and without hope or support. That can make them abortion vulnerable. Others plan to parent or place the child for adoption but need help to navigate that choice. Our professional and compassionate client advocates connect with each client, allowing her to share her story and express her feelings.

Each woman who enters our doors is encountered by someone who sincerely cares and believes in her. Our advocates listen as she talks about how she got to this place in her life journey. They offer Options information about her choices and help her not feel rushed about her decision. Together they explore the Resources available in our community and at Options for Women and help her to navigate her pregnancy and feel supported in her decision to continue her pregnancy.

How We Help

  • Initial Pregnancy Test
  • Intervention Mentoring
  • Options information including abortion procedure information and client rights*.
  • Material Assistance
  • Community Referrals
  • Adoption Referrals
  • Sexual Integrity Education
  • Natural Family Planning Education
  • Parenting and Life Skills Education (Learn & Earn parenting program)
  • Post-Abortion support
  • Miscarriage support 
  • Sexual trauma support

*We do not provide or refer for abortion.